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MBC Secures Affiliation with WBC Eurasia Pacific Boxing Council

EPBCMBCMBC Secures Affiliation with WBC Eurasia Pacific Boxing Council

Malta Boxing Commission (MBC) Vice President and co-founder Gianluca Di Caro announced earlier today that their request for affiliation with the WBC Eurasia Pacific Boxing Council (EPBC) has been successful.

Speaking earlier Mr. Di Caro said. “We are overjoyed to have been granted affiliation with the WBC Eurasia Pacific Boxing Council and are most grateful to WBC EPBC President Mr. Alan Kim for assisting us to secure the affiliation and the opportunity to have MBC licensed boxers campaign for this prestigious championship.

I cannot begin to stress how important this affiliation is to the MBC and our members, as this will open the doors for our boxers to challenge for WBC EPBC championship honours not just in Malta and the UK but also across Europe, Asia and the Pacific region.

2016 is already proving to be a pivotal and busy year for the MBC, we have nine Championship bouts lined up, five of which are World title fights, with another four in advanced negotiation.

Since announcing to our members yesterday, a number of boxers have already stated their interest in campaigning for WBC EPBC titles, and more importantly we also have two promoters that are keen to host WBC EPBC championship bouts.

Hopefully within the next few weeks or so we’ll be in the position to announce the first WBC Eurasia Boxing Council Championship bout featuring an MBC boxer…watch this space.”

MBC Joins Forces with WKA To Sanction Pro Boxing In Scotland

MBCWKAMBC Joins Forces with WKA To Sanction Pro Boxing In Scotland


Malta Boxing Commission’s Managing Director and Vice President, Gianluca Di Caro and World Kick Boxing and Karate Association (WKA) Scotland President Stewart Allan today announced that they have joined forces to sanction professional boxing events in Scotland.


The new venture will not only present opportunities for Scottish Professional boxers to be able to compete more, but also will enable fighters from the Kick Boxing world to compete both as professional Boxers and Kick Boxers.


Whilst the intention of this venture is to sanction pro boxing events in Scotland, it also opens the doors to the possibility of combined pro Boxing and Kick Boxing events, with the boxing sanctioned by the MBC and Kick Boxing sanctioned by the WKA, not just in Scotland but also at any event sanctioned by the MBC in Malta, the United Kingdom or Ireland.


On making the announcement Mr. Allan said.


“We are very excited to be working with the Malta Boxing Commission, it can only be good for the sport to bring such a progressive professional boxing organisation to Scotland.


To join those from the pro boxing world with those of the Kick Boxing world is an exciting prospect, up to now the powers to be in the UK were quite happy for our Champions to switch disciplines and compete as pro boxers.


Unfortunately it has always been at the expense of the fighter’s Kick Boxing career, that’s been because once they have switched to pro boxing they are no longer allowed to compete as a Kick Boxer.


That will change, under our joint venture with the Malta Boxing Commission our fighters will be licensed and compete as pro boxers, as well as continue to campaign as Kick Boxers under the WKA.


For our fighters this means so much, they want to compete in both sports and have so much to offer to both.


This new partnership isn’t just about our fighters being able to fight in both disciplines, we will be actively be looking to develop the pro boxing side in Scotland, give Scottish boxers the chance to be more active than they have been in the past, we want to build up the MBC to benefit fighters from both disciplines.


We also want to bring more genuine 50/50 fights to Scotland, we don’t want it to be an extension of the current scene, we want to bring the fans genuine exciting closely matched fights, each and every show.”


MBC’s Mr. Di Caro then added.


“I couldn’t agree more with Stewart, this is a seriously exciting development for the sport, one that will benefit fighters from both Boxing and Kick Boxing.


When Stewart approached us with the concept we were open to it straight away, not for the reason many people will think, but because we had already made the decision that should anyone that competes in another pugilistic art that also wants to pro box, should be allowed to do so.


This decision was made some time ago, in fact it was when thirteen time World Champion Marlon Hunt first approached us about pro boxing under our banner.


Marlon is one of the top competitors in the Kick Boxing world, how could we possibly tell him that he has to give up fighting on the Kick Boxing circuit if he pro boxes, I mean he has World titles in Kick Boxing, K1, Muay Thai, with us he can defend those titles as well as begin challenging for Championships in boxing also.


I have to say, since I’ve mentioned Marlon, that when he joined us we didn’t quite realise what an asset he would become, he is a great ambassador for the MBC, with the fans and boxer’s alike, so much so that early last year he was unanimously elected onto the MBC Executive Committee.


Now, not only do we have the chance to have more of the top Kick Boxers competing in the pro boxing, but also have the opportunity of Kick Boxing World Champions from around the world competing for Championship honours as pro boxers.


On the business side of things Stewart will be the Chairman of the new MBC Scottish Region, as well as join the Executive Committee of the Malta Boxing Commission.


Stewart has big plans for the new venture and to that end has already signed up a couple of Scottish promoters, one of whom plans to promote the first MBC Scotland sanctioned event quite soon, probably in April or May.


I for one am so proud to be involved in this exciting new venture, I honestly feel that this will prove to be one of the best things to happen to our sport in a long, long time.


What’s more it will provide the boxing fans with a whole new breed of genuinely outstanding World class fighters to get behind, as well as present opportunities for Scottish boxers to be more active, which can only be good for the sport.”


For further information on the Malta Boxing Commission please go to:

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Malta Boxing Commission Inform The BBBofC They Are To Sanction Twenty Plus UK Events In 2015.

MBCBadgeMalta Boxing Commission Inform The BBBofC They Are To Sanction Twenty Plus UK Events In 2015.

Malta Boxing Commission’s (MBC) Managing Director and Vice President Gianluca Di Caro today announced that he has formally written to Mr. Robert Smith, the General Secretary of the British Boxing Board of Control (BBBofC) informing him that due to the success of previous MBC sanctioned events in the United Kingdom, that they have received numerous requests to sanction further events in the UK over the coming year.

The letter, which was also sent to all World Sanctioning organisations and the European Boxing Union (EBU), Mr. Di Caro not only informed the BBBofC of the MBC’s intention to sanction further events in the United Kingdom, but also provided additional information regarding the medical standards and Insurance levels for MBC sanctioned events, which are superior to virtually every other European Country’s, so that the BBBofC would be able to confidently give permission for their license holders to box on MBC sanctioned events in the UK.

Mr. Di Caro also informed the BBBof C that the level of events that they anticipate to sanction over the coming twelve months will be in excess of twenty, seven of which are set to take place before the 1st April, which is an impressive increase in the number of UK events sanctioned by the MBC, as the total of UK events sanctioned by them in 2014 was just five.

The first of the 2015 events is the rescheduled George Hillyard title fight headed show promoted by Shyam Batra, which now takes place at York Hall in London on Friday January 30th.

One week later, on the 6th February, Lee Murtagh promotes his second MBC sanctioned professional boxing event at the Bramley Villager in Leeds.

On the 28th February Malta Boxing Commission will be sanctioning two events, the Stephen Vaughan Jr. promoted double title headed event in Liverpool and a Dave Murphy promoted event in London.

A week later, on the 7th March, Matt Scriven promotes an event in Nottinghamshire and then on the 14th March the MBC team crosses the Irish Sea to sanction a Peter Turley promoted event in Belfast.

The final event of the first seven mentioned is another Lee Murtagh promoted show, this time in Bradford on the 29th March.

Earlier today Mr. Di Caro briefly spoke about the upturn in interest of the MBC within the UK.

“Exciting times for all involved with the Malta Boxing Boxing Commission, it really is.

The increase in events, to be sanctioned by us in 2015, is testament to the quality and professionalism of our UK based officials, I couldn’t possibly thank Mickey Vann, Ken Curtis, Billy Phillips, Lee Murtagh, Seamus Dunne, Gino Picconino, Dave Smith, Ken Honniball, Brian Gentry, Terry Clarke, Fred Little, Steven Smith, Ehsen Qureshi, Phil Jones, Micky Conway, Winston Stone, Phil Jones, Jason Lowe and Matt Amos enough for their excellent performances over the past twelve months, I also have to thank our excellent European based officials, Alf Sprung and Jan Telecki, that came over to officiate on the Championship events here.

I can’t help but feel that a major part of this increase in awareness of the MBC in the UK is also due to people like Dave Murphy, Lee Murtagh and Stephen Vaughan Jr. promoting events with MBC sanctioning, these are serious boxing people, hugely respected by most people within the business and they have chosen to be licensed by us.

Between them they promoted some seriously great events over the past year, featuring some fantastic fights, which I’m sure didn’t go unnoticed by the boxing world.

Dave’s October York Hall event was truly first class and of course as British #1 female boxer Marianne Marston, who is licensed by us, won her first title on that event, no surprise then that this event received a huge amount of media coverage and rightly so.

Stephen’s December show at the Titanic in Liverpool was something really special too, again another title headed event, this event received excellent coverage and of course had the additional benefit of being broadcast in parts of Europe.

I’m sure those events have a lot to do with the increase in popularity of the MBC sanctioning here, with both boxers and promoters alike.

So much so that we now have forty two UK based boxers licensed with us, with many more due to take out licenses before the end of January.

More impressively we now have twelve promoters around the Country, with at least another five due to be licensed by us over the coming month or so.

It really is exciting times for the MBC in the UK, which can only be good for the sport.”

For further information on upcoming events or the Malta Boxing Commission and the MBC International Championship please go to www.maltaboxingcommission.com or www.mbcchampionshipboxing.com

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